Yael -
Certified in CranioSacral,
Thai massage, Shiatsu, Sports
and Swedish Massage.
Reiki master and a teacher.

Treatments for babies, young children and teenagers

The Upledger Institute

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” Buddha

The hectic lifestyle, we live in, makes it easy for us to ignore this responsibility, which could lead our body and spirit to be out of balance.

When out of balance, our body’s self defense is weaker and we experience more frequent illnesses.

Yael’s unique bodywork therapy, which integrates eastern and western modalities, can be helpful for a variety of health problems.
It is not directed at curing specific diseases. Instead, it focuses on helping the whole body, both physically and mentally. It helps fight illness and sources of pain by balancing the underlying cause of a condition.

Mainly, it helps the patient to be in touch with his own body. This approach fosters a deep sense of well-being and a feeling of connection with our inner and outer self.

Yael brings her personal touch and intuition to each massage session, incorporating techniques of different modalities to create a superlative experience for each client.
This kind of therapy stimulates the immune and hormone systems allowing the body to build up its natural defenses and self-healing power. It harmonizing body, mind and spirit.
Through bodywork therapy we can restore our natural balance and thereby improve our overall health as well as prevent future illness.
Once balance is restored, bodywork therapy helps us maintain it in order to prevent additional disorders as we continue living in our fast paced world.

Life is beautiful We all deserve to enjoy it

“Touch is the first sense to develop in humans, and may be
the last to fade”

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